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Pride & Prejudice Summer Ball, Calgary

  • Fairmont Palliser 133 9 Avenue Southwest Calgary, AB, T2P 1B4 Canada (map)

“As close to time travel as we can get,”
Guest, Regency Ball

Imagine yourself transported to the world of Darcy and Elizabeth, of Napoleon Bonaparte and Jane Austen, walking straight into Netherfield, with dancing, live music, food, playing cards, in the stunning Alberta Ballroom of the historical Palliser Hotel.

You are invited to attend our Regency Ball!

‘I want to, but I’m an introverted Austen fan and no one will come with me!’

Welcome! you have found your people. No partner is necessary or required, many guests come solo, and there’s always someone to dance with!

‘I don’t know how to dance!’

We teach the dances, which require no partner and no dance experience. We are offering a total of 5 dance lessons. All take place at the Kerby Centre. Register below for as many as you wish. We recommend attending as many as you can. The more you are able to practice the dances, the more fun the ball will be. We will teach 2 of the 4 dances at each Lesson, and do a quick review of all four at the Refresher Saturday morning. Please see the ticket descriptions to see which dances are being taught at which lessons.

To assist with the lessons there are videos of all the dances on our website:

We do strongly recommend attending the lessons! You and the other guests will have so much more fun and really the lessons are a blast all on their own.

‘I don’t have a thing to wear!’

No worries! We have ways for you to rent, buy and advice for you to make! your own. Costumes for this event, the bare minimum for ladies is a Full-Length Gown in a soft fabric with fully covered shoulders. An empire waist is preferable but not mandatory. Flat shoes only please. No high heels. For gentlemen, the minimum is a Tail Coat or frock coat with a vest and a cravat (literally a strip of fabric tied around the neck) and a white shirt. Breeches with long socks are preferable, but regular pants are fine. Any dress shoes will do. Historical Military dress and traditional cultural dress (eg. Kilts) are also welcome. And you are welcome to dress as a Gentleman or a Lady as you please!

You can rent a costume from:

In Calgary:
The Costume Shoppe to arrange a rental.

Phone 403-571-2466


In Edmonton:
You can contact Karries Kostumes to arrange a rental.

Phone 780-460-2626 or 780-460-2624


We also have ideas on how to put together your own costume simply and inexpensively, out of things you may already have or could find at a thrift store, on our website as well:

Additional info:
There will be a P&P Ball room rate and the link to book will be posted.

Lots of updates will be posted on Facebook, at

Food and Drink
All dietary requirements can be accommodated with adequate notice. You will be asked to indicate if you have any upon check-out.

Dinner includes soup and a main course.

Alcohol is available for purchase at the bar on site, but nothing provided by us contains any alcohol. Every guest will receive one glass of either syllabub (a traditional, cream-based party drink) and lemonade.

Hors d’oeuvres will be served throughout the evening.

Age Limit
There is no formal age minimum, but we recommend guests be at least 14 years of age. It is not suitable for young children, though it is possible that very keen and well-behaved 13 or even 12 year old accompanied by an attentive adult would do very well.

There will be a professional photographer capturing the event, and taking portrait photographs of all guests. You will be able to purchase prints of these if you wish.

In order to maintain the illusion of the historical experience, cell phones and cameras ARE NOT PERMITTED in the ballroom itself, but may be used anywhere else in the hotel.

This event is THE MOST FUN you can imagine. It is highly addictive and can make the rest of life seem dull in comparison. You have been warned ;).